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Combination Sensors

Combination Sensors
ECO optical sensors are available in combinations of backscattering, turbidity, and fluorescence measurements. ECOs feature optional active anti-fouling and internal batteries for long-term deployments, as well as an optional 6,000 m depth rating.

The Sea-Bird Scientific WQM and WQMx bring offshore research-grade measurement technology to inshore and estuarine research through ocean observing applications. These instruments are equipped with fluorometer-turbidity and CTD sensors, providing temperature, salinity, depth, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll fluorescence, turbidity and backscattering (WQMx) data. The WQM sensors have the accuracy and precision to track subtle long-term changes in even the cleanest marine systems. Extensive field trials have demonstrated the WQM's unprecedented long-term stability in biologically rich coastal waters.

Scattering, turbidity, and fluorescence sensors with a wide range of configurations.

WQM Water Quality Monitor

Six-parameter water quality measurement

WQMx Water Quality Monitor

Seven-parameter water quality measurement