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STOR-X Data Logger

The STOR-X submersible data logger was specifically designed for long-term coastal and freshwater environmental data logging. Its rugged design, compact size, file management capabilities and low sleep current requirements (30 µA at 12 VDC) make it the ideal data logger for remote systems.

With its advanced scheduling capability you control the acquisition schedule of each connected instrument, maximizing your deployment time by conserving battery life. Longer deployments mean less service and reduced field trip costs. STOR-X scheduling and reliability features allow for year long in situ deployments without the fear of losing critical data.

The STOR-X has five (5) switched power serial interface ports and four (4) 16-bit A/D ports that allow for integration of virtually any sensor, regardless of manufacturer. For easy configuration with our instruments, the STOR-X provides pre-defined configurations. Third party instruments can be integrated by creating an instrument file that defines the expected telemetry format.

The STOR-X can also be reconfigured as a real time stand-alone observatory with the addition of its optional data transfer option.

Optional Features
  • Real time data transfer via mobile phone

  • Network configurations available for clustering STOR-X and connected sensors

  • LOBO observing platform option
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