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SeaOWL UV-A™ (Sea Oil-in-Water Locator)

Based-upon the highly successful ECO sensor, Sea-Bird Scientific has developed an industry-leading oil-detection technology with 5X optical resolution improvement over its predecessor. SeaOWL-UV-A™ measures crude oil-in-water using the same UV-A excitation and blue emission wavelengths (370 nm EX, 460 nm EM) currently used in the ECO fDOM fluorometer. The SeaOWL UV-A™ improves the resolution and range of the ECO with a greater depth of field, optimized electronics and dynamic gain stage modulation. The new dynamic gain provides industry-leading sensitivity across a large detection range, making saturation unlikely in even the most heavily impacted environments. The compact SeaOWL UV-A™ design also includes chlorophyll fluorescence and 700 nm backscattering measurements to discriminate crude oil from phytoplankton and other natural sources of fDOM.
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