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SBE 39plus Temperature (Depth) Recorder

The SBE 39plus is a high-accuracy, fast-sampling temperature (pressure optional) recorder with USB interface, internal batteries, and memory. The 39plus is designed for moorings or other long-duration, fixed-site deployments, as well as deployments on nets, towed vehicles, or ROVs.

Data is recorded in memory and can also be output in real-time. Measured data are output in engineering units.

Memory capacity exceeds 9.5 million samples without pressure, or 5.5 million samples with pressure. Sampling every 0.5 sec, this yields approximately 55 days of data without pressure or 32 days with pressure (battery endurance exceeds memory capacity).

• Temperature, Pressure (optional), and time, at user-programmable 0.5-sec to 6-hour intervals.
• Internal USB interface (open housing and plug in cable for setup and fast data upload); plus RS-232 interface (through external connector).
• Internal memory and battery pack (can be powered through external connector).
• 600 m plastic or 10,500 m titanium housing.
• Rigorous 11-point temperature calibration of each sensor.
• Seasoft© V2 Windows software package (setup, data upload, and data processing).
• Next generation SBE 39 — faster sampling, more power and memory, but same housing and compatible output (39plus to 39 comparison).
• Five-year limited warranty.

• Aged and pressure-protected thermistor has a long history of exceptional accuracy and stability. It is available in two configurations: embedded in titanium endcap (25-sec time constant) for rugged conditions, or external thermistor in pressure-protected sheath (0.5-sec time constant) for fast sampling.
• Optional strain-gauge pressure sensor with temperature compensation is available in eight ranges (maximum depth 7000 m).
• High-accuracy real-time clock.

• Embedded thermistor (25-sec time constant) for rugged conditions, or external thermistor (0.5-sec time constant) for fast sampling.
• No pressure, or strain-gauge pressure sensor in one of 8 ranges.
• Plastic (600 m) or titanium (10,500 m) housing.
• External connector (XSG or wet-pluggable MCBH) for RS-232 interface, external power, and real-time data.
• Mooring clamp
• Net fender/fairing (conical ends shaped to shed fishing lines and nets)

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