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SBE 54 Tsunami Pressure Sensor - DISCONTINUED

The SBE 54 continuously measures, records, and outputs pressure at user-programmable periods. Resolution is better than 1 mm at full ocean depth (6800 m) at the default 15-second sample period. The SBE 54’s sole purpose is to function as the heart of a deep-ocean tsunami detection system. Setup and operation require no user interaction. A power supply supervisor and watchdog timer ensure automatic recovery if power or normal operation is interrupted.

The SBE 54 combines a Paroscientific Digiquartz® pressure transducer, microcontroller, real-time clock with temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, precision temperature-compensated reference frequency, two high-resolution frequency acquisition circuits, EEPROM, and FLASH memory. Low power consumption makes multi-year, battery-powered deployments practical. The FLASH memory provides four years continuous backup of the raw pressure record, at a 15-second sample period. Preserving the entire time series in memory allows post-deployment review of the performance, as well as scientific analysis of the entire record. The EEPROM stores calibration coefficients and diagnostic information. The Digiquartz pressure sensor and frequency reference are tested and re-characterized at Sea-Bird to meet the demanding millimeter-scale sensitivity requirements.
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