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Navis Autonomous Profiling Float

Navis Autonomous Profiling Float
Product #: NAVIS
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For Long-Term Deployments

Sufficient power for 300 CTD profile cycles to 2000 dbars.

Data Quality

Includes SBE 41 CTD, the Argo standard.


Iridium continuous circuit switched, 2-way communications for low-cost download of large amounts of data.

Easily Deployed

Lightweight and easy to deploy (< 18.5 kg).

Package Flexibility

Expandable and scalable design for future missions, such as biogeochemical floats, deep floats.


Ballasting: Self-ballasting, 1 day to equilibrate
Communication: Iridium Transceiver 9523 — RUDICS, circuit switched
Depth Rating: 2000 decibars
Dimensions: Hull diameter 14 cm, Ring diameter 24 cm, Total length 159 cm
Internal Batteries: 4 packs of 3 DD lithium sulfuryl chloride cells (cannot ship in passenger aircraft; Class 9 Dangerous Goods)
Material: Aluminum hull, seamless natural-rubber external bladders
Memory: CTD stores one 2000 decibar CTD profile; Navis stores 64 2000-dbar CTD profiles
Park Interval: 1 - 15 days
Position: GPS, Garmin 15xL-W
Power Endurance: 10 years or 300 2000-dbar cycles
Self-Activation: Starts operating automatically on deployment, when pressure reaches user-programmable setpoint
Weight: Less than 18.5 kg in air