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Navis BGCi Autonomous Profiling Float with Integrated Biogeochemical Sensors

Navis BGCi Autonomous Profiling Float with Integrated Biogeochemical Sensors
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The SBE 41N CTD measures conductivity, temperature, and pressure (depth). The pump-controlled, T-C ducted flow minimizes salinity spiking caused by mismatch of temperature and conductivity measurements.

Dissolved Oxygen

The SBE 63 is an individually calibrated, high-accuracy,
optical oxygen sensor. Careful choices of materials and geometry are combined
with superior electronics and calibration methodology to yield significant
gains in performance.The SBE 63 is designed for use in a CTD’s pumped flow path,
providing optimal correlation with CTD measurements. The elapsed time between
the CTD and associated oxygen measurement is easily quantified, and corrected
for, in post-processing. The plumbing’s black tubing blocks light, reducing
in-situ algal growth.

Optical Sensors

The ECO-MCOMS uses demonstrated WET Labs technology to supply three optical sensors in one, providing chlorophyll a, backscattering, and CDOM, or chlorophyll a and 2 backscattering channels. MCOMS is integrated directly into the float end cap and co-located with DO and physical measurements.

Extended Sampling Options

Flexible mission sequencing, allowing more frequent sampling in upper water column

Additional Sensor Options

Available bolt-on sensors include the Deep SUNA (nitrate), OCR 504 (4-channel radiometer), and WET Labs C-Rover 2000 (transmissometer).


Communication: Iridium Transceiver 9523 — RUDICS, circuit switched
Depth Rating: 2000 dbars
Dimensions: Hull diameter 14 cm, Ring diameter 24 cm, Total length 167 cm
Internal Batteries: 4 packs of 3 DD lithium sulfuryl chloride cells (cannot ship in passenger aircraft; Class 9 Dangerous Goods)
Material: Aluminum hull, seamless natural-rubber external bladders
Memory: CTD stores one 2000-dbar CTD profile
Park Interval: 1 - 15 days
Position: GPS, Garmin 15xL-W, mean acquisition time 70 sec
Power Endurance: 250 2000-dbar cycles (mission dependent; excluding optional bolt-on sensors)
Self-Activation: Starts operating automatically on deployment, when pressure reaches user-programmable setpoint
Volume: 1.7% change (minimum fractional)
Weight: < 20 kg (excluding optional bolt-on sensors)