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OTE 5L Bottle with Carousel and Wire Messenger Mount

Product #: 801004
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O.T.E. non-metallic free-flushing water sampling bottles with improved Sea-Bird mounting hardware are available in 5, 8, 10, or 12 liter sizes. These bottles substitute a rugged titanium base and glass-filled urethane mount blocks for the glued-PVC components used on other types. The base is securely attached – not glued – to the bottle using stainless steel clamps. The clamps are electrically isolated from the titanium base to prevent galvanic attack.

These improved bottles fit existing bottle frame adapter plates, or, for activation by a messenger, can be supplied for individual or serial attachment to a hydrowire. The improved bottles are strongly recommended for operation in cold regions, where PVC mounts become brittle and prone to breakage.

• Gray PVC sampler body.
• Latex tubing spring closure.
• Mounting blocks to attach to bottle stand adapter plates.
• Release lanyards.
• Delrin drain valve.
• Buna O-rings.
• Bottle warranty as provided by Ocean Test Equipment (O.T.E.); five-year limited warranty from Sea-Bird for mounting hardware.

• External stainless steel springs.
• Reversing thermometer mounts.
• Cable mounts for hydrowire deployment (via messengers).