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SBE 41 Argo CTD

SBE 41 Argo CTD
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Sea-Bird Quality Sensors

The SBE 41/41CP uses the proven MicroCAT Temperature, Conductivity, and Pressure sensors. The CTD is shipped fully calibrated, and has demonstrated excellent long-term stability, eliminating the need for post-deployment tampering of the calibration to force agreement with the local TS.

Designed for long term deployments

The SBE 41/41CP has carefully engineered anti-foul protection, with anti-foulant devices, a U-shaped flow path, and a pump.

Data Quality

The SBE 41/41CP has proven TC-Ducted flow over the temperature sensor and into the conductivity sensor. Salinity spiking is minimized because the TC-Duct and pump precisely coordinate the T and C responses.

Standard Float CTD

Satisfies 90% of the annual Argo program requirement as well as a growing market in non-Argo float applications.


Conductivity Accuracy: ± 0.0003 S/m
(± 0.0035 psu)
Conductivity Typical Stability: 0.0003 S/m/month
(0.0011 psu per year)
Pressure Initial Accuracy: ± 2 dbar
PressureTypical Stability: 0.8 dbar per year
Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.002 °C
Temperature Stability: 0.0002 °C per year