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SBE 56 Temperature Sensor

SBE 56 Temperature Sensor
Product #: 56.1S
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Flexible Sampling Options

Temperature and time, at user-programmable 0.5-sec to 9-hour intervals.

Autonomous Logging

Internal memory and battery.

Fast Data Upload

Internal USB 2.0 interface; open housing and plug in cable for setup or data upload. Approximately 40 minutes for full memory upload (> 15 million samples).

Data Quality

Rigorous 11-point temperature calibration of each sensor.

Long Deployment Endurance

Lasts up to 2 years on a single AA lithium cell.


Clock Accuracy: 5 seconds/month
Depth Rating: 1500 m
Housing Material: Plastic
Memory: Capacity: 15.9 million samples
Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.002 °C (-5 to +35 °C); ± 0.01 °C (+35 to +45 C)
Temperature Range: -5 to +45°C
Temperature Resolution: 0.0001°C
Temperature Stability: 0.0002 °C/month (0.002 °C/year)
Weight: 0.2 kg in air, 0.05 kg in water