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SeapHOx™ V2 Ocean pH Sensor

A SeapHOx V2 on a dock before deployment
Sea-Bird Scientific

The SeapHOx™ V2 combines the SeaFET™ V2 pH sensor with the SBE 37-SMP-ODO MicroCAT CTD+DO sensor. The SeapHOx™ V2 allows for the integrated data collection of pH with the critical oceanographic and biological measurement of temperature, salinity, and oxygen. The integrated package also allows the SeaFET™ V2 to take advantage of the SBE 37's pumped flow path and anti-fouling technology, extending deployment durations in high-growth areas.

  • High-accuracy ISFET pH sensor
  • Long-term deployment stability
  • Internal memory and batteries support 1-year autonomous deployments
  • Integrated pump and flow path shared with the CTD
  • Industry leading CTD and dissolved oxygen data—the field-proven SBE 37 CTD family has more than 10,000 instruments deployed world-wide
  • Shallow and 2000m versions available


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