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Third Party Equipment

Links to third party sites are for your convenience; Sea-Bird is not responsible for their content. We list the following third party equipment:

The descriptions and links on this page are provided as a convenient information source to our customers. Sea-Bird does not necessarily endorse or recommend products made by the companies listed on this page, and is not responsible for information, products, or services provided by them.

Third Party Instruments that can be Integrated with Sea-Bird Instruments

This section covers third party instruments that can be integrated with Sea-Bird instruments. Descriptions and links are provided as a convenient information source to our customers. Sea-Bird recommends products listed only to the extent that they are known to be of good quality, and are electronically, mechanically, and functionally compatible with Sea-Bird instruments and software (when used as suggested by Sea-Bird).

Should I order third party sensors from Sea-Bird, or deal directly with the sensors' manufacturers?

This depends on your own expertise and resources. We have extensive experience in integrating and supporting a wide range of auxiliary sensors. We have a large list of commonly used sensors that we routinely offer for sale. When you purchase these auxiliary sensors from Sea-Bird, we are able to apply our experience to integrating the sensors with the CTD. The integration includes installing sensors (with appropriate mounting kits and cables) in a manner that puts each sensor in the best possible orientation for optimum performance. It also includes configuring the CTD system and software to accept the sensors’ inputs and display the data, and testing the entire system, typically in a chilled saltwater bath overnight, to confirm proper operation. Having done the integration, we also support the entire system with service and end-user support for operational and data analysis questions *. There is significant added value in our integration service, and there is some extra cost for this, compared to doing it yourself. However, we do not base our business on selling services, and the prices charged for Third Party sensors carry minimal mark-ups that vary depending on the pricing we are offered by the manufacturers. In some cases we can sell at the manufacturer's list price, and in others we have to add margin.

1. As described in our Warranty, auxiliary sensors manufactured by other companies are warranted only to the limit of the warranties provided by their original manufacturers (typically 1 year).
2. Click here for information on repairing / recalibrating auxiliary sensors manufactured by other companies.

3. See the Third Party Auxiliary Sensor Selection Guide for a comparison of features of third party sensors (for example, compare the various fluorometer models from Seapoint and Turner that can be integrated with Sea-Bird CTDs).

Links are provided to Sea-Bird's page providing ordering information for integrating with our instruments, and to the third party manufacturer's website.

Third Party Instruments

Platform manufacturers, System Integrators, and Systems that may incorporate Sea-Bird instruments

Buoys / System Integration

  • Eiva — Offering the ToughBoy wave buoy.
  • Axys Technologies — Design, manufacturing, and maintenance of data acquisition, processing, and telemetry systems.
  • Coastal Environmental Systems — Controllers, data loggers, and telemetry packages that take data from a variety of sensors and then process, store, and/or telemeter the data. Many telemetry methods are available (Radio, Cell phone, Telephone, Satellite, etc.). Coastal has many years of experience in integrating a wide variety of sensors (including Sea-Bird). The controller/loggers can process anything from simple analog inputs to multi-drop addressable serial sensor arrays. Processing can range from simple averages to full FFTs.
  • Down East Instrumentation — Buoy systems.
  • Fastwave — Integrated, real-time Sea-Bird sensor data acquisition and telemetry system that allows instrumentation to be located on the seabed. Sea-Bird Inductive Modem (IM) system / Iridium telemetry integration. On-line data processing, display, and management system.
  • Fugro OCEANOR — Buoy systems.
  • Global Ocean Design — Lander.
  • METOCEAN Data Systems Limited — Buoy systems.
  • Mooring Systems Inc. (MSI) — Custom mooring designs, as well as fabricating complete mooring systems from buoy to anchor. MSI specializes in wire rope and synthetic line assemblies, anchors, instrument frames, pressure housings, and a wide range of compatible hardware.
  • Naushon Engineering, LLC -  Moorings / subsurface steel buoys / custom fabrication.
  • OceanScience — Deployment solutions for oceanographic instruments, including surface buoys, subsurface buoys, trawl-resistant seafloor landers, and high-quality syntactic foam. OceanScience focuses on using modern materials and processes to provide rugged, corrosion-resistant, reliable instrument platforms.
  • Okeanus Science & Technology — (Sound Ocean Systems brand of products) data buoys, bottom platforms, instrumented moorings
  • RDSea International — Technology, methodology, and services for collecting critical data on observation platforms, systems, and programs.


AUVs / ROVs / Gliders / Profilers

  • Eiva — Offering the ScanFish ROTV
  • Bluefin — AUVs, specializing in flexible vehicles that can carry a wide range of sensors such as CTDs, Multi-Beam and Side-Scan Sonars, and Sub-Bottom Profilers.
  • Hydroid — AUVs.
  • Liquid Robotics — Wave-powered gliders.
  • McLane Research Laboratories — Moored Profiler (MMP) autonomously profiles the water column along a fixed tether while carrying a selection of oceanographic sensors. The MMP can be equipped with an SBE 52-MP Moored Profiler CTD with optional DO sensor.
  • Teledyne Webb Research — Gliders.
  • Teledyne Gavia Ltd. — Small AUVs for research, deep-water surveying, monitoring, or surveillance.

Sensors / Instruments

Third Party Instruments

  • Nortek AS — Aquadopp shallow and deep water current meters can supply power and receive data (RS-232) from Sea-Bird's MicroCAT C-T sensors (SBE 37-SM, 37-SI). Configuration and testing is done with Nortek software and the C-T data are stored in the Aquadopp for post-processing. The Aquadopp can also be integrated with a Sea-Bird Inductive Modem Module (IMM), allowing the Aquadopp to communicate via Sea-Bird's inductive modem telemetry.
  • Pro-Oceanus Systems — Dissolved gas sensors, including O2, N2, and dissolved air (gas tension). Sensors can provide measurements for up to a year, with a maximum operating depth of 500 m. Gas Tension Device sensors (GTDs) can be accommodated on a Sea-Bird moored CTD (SBE 16plus V2 or 16plus-IM V2).
  • RESON — Multibeam echosounders and forward-looking sonars, acoustic transducers and reference hydrophones, acoustic calibration systems, and homogenizers.
  • Sequoia Scientific — Optical instruments for use in sediment transport and optical oceanography research (LISST-25 Total Suspended Sediment Sensor, LISST-100 Particle Size Analyzer, HydroLight Version 4.0 Radiative Transfer Model).
  • State University of New York, Ocean Instrument Laboratory — MSRC Vortex de-bubbler (used by some Sea-Bird customers with SBE 21 or SBE 45 Thermosalinograph).
  • Sontek — Acoustic Doppler water velocity sensors for ocean, rivers, lakes, and laboratory. In addition to profilers suitable for a wide range of applications, Sontek produces instruments for measurement of directional wave spectra, river discharge, estuarine and nearshore flow, turbulence, and deep-sea currents.
  • Teledyne RD Instruments — Velocity measurement of water currents and vessel speed. RDI Doppler Volume Sampler (DVS) is available with Sea-Bird's Inductive Modem Module (IMM) and high precision temperature sensor. RDI ADCPs (Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers) are used in oceanography, hydrology, limnology, circulation modeling, wave gauging, and open and closed channel discharge measurement. Precise navigation information for underwater vehicles is provided by the RDI DVL (Doppler Velocity Log).
  • Valeport — VA-500 acoustic altimeters for integration with Sea-Bird CTDs that support acquisition from voltage output sensors.

Cable and Winch Manufacturers

Oceanographic Equipment Leasing

Sea-Bird occasionally offers leases on some of our equipment, but does not lease third party sensors. The companies listed below lease oceanographic equipment, including some Sea-Bird equipment as well as some third party sensors.

  • Orders Associates Research Systems (OARS) — Oceanographic equipment leasing and mooring design. Sea-Bird instruments available include:
    • CTDs — SBE 19 CTD (600 m), SBE 19plus CTD (3500 m)
    • Auxiliary sensors for CTDs — SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, SBE 18 pH Sensor, SBE 23 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor.
    • Wave & Tide Recorders — SBE 26 Wave & Tide Recorder (20 m), SBE 26plus Wave & Tide Recorder (20 m), SBE 4 Conductivity Sensor (for conductivity with a wave & tide recorder)
  • ASL Environmental Sciences Inc. — Oceanographic consultants, equipment leasing, mooring design, modeling and remote sensing. Sea-Bird instruments available include:
    • CTDs — SBE 37 SM and SMP
  • Ashtead Technology Ltd — Rental Specialists for Oceanographic, Survey, Inspection, and Instrumentation Equipment. Sea-Bird instruments available include:
    • CTDs — SBE 19 CTD (600 m, 1000 m, 2000 m, and 3000 m)
    • Auxiliary sensors for CTDs — SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, SBE 23 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
    • Wave & Tide Recorders — SBE 26 Wave & Tide Recorder
  • RPS Group, Inc. — Applied Oceanography and Marine Instrumentation. Sea-Bird instruments available include:
    • CTDs — SBE 16 CTD (600 m), SBE 19 CTD (600 m), SBE 19plus CTD (600 m)
    • Wave & Tide Recorders — SBE 26 Wave & Tide Recorder (20 m)
  • Harvey-Lynch — Land and Marine Geophysical, Hydrographic, and Oceanographic Equipment. Sea-Bird instruments available include:
    • CTDs — SBE 19, SBE 19plus
  • Ocean Floor Geophysics — Sea-Bird instruments available include:
    • CTDs  — SBE 19plus (6000 m)
    • Water Samplers — SBE 32 Carousel (12 5-liter bottles), Auto Fire Module (AFM)
    • Auxiliary sensors for CTDs — SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
  • Okeanus Science & Technology — Leasing and integration of Oceanographic and Marine Scientific Research equipment. Sea-Bird instruments available include:
    • CTDs — SBE 19plus (3500 m)
    • Water Samplers — SBE 32 Carousel (12 5-liter bottles, 12 12-liter bottles, 24 12-liter bottles), SBE 55 ECO (6 4-liter bottles)
    • Auxiliary sensors for CTDs — SBE 18 pH Sensor; SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor; ECO Optical Sensors for Chlorophyll, Turbidity, and CDOM
    • Temperature Recorders — SBE 39
  • SeaCatalog — Leasing of Oceanographic and Marine Scientific Research equipment. Sea-Bird instruments available include:
    • CTDs — SBE 19plus V2
    • Water Samplers — SBE 32 Carousel (with SBE 33 or AFM)
  • Seatronics — Hydrographic, Environmental, Geophysical, Metocean, ROV, and Diving Equipment. Sea-Bird instruments available include:
    • CTDs — SBE 19
    • Temperature Recorders — SBE 39
  • Survey Equipment Services — Survey and Navigation Equipment: Hire, Sales, and Lease Purchase. Sea-Bird instruments available include:
    • CTDs — SBE 19 CTD (3000 or 6000 m)
  • TechWorks Marine Ltd — Sales, leasing, and servicing of oceanographic equipment in Europe. Sea-Bird instruments available for leasing include:
    • CTDs — SBE 37 (with oxygen), SBE 16plus, SBE 19plus
    • Auxiliary sensors for CTDs — SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, ECO FLNTU
    • Temperature Recorders — SBE 39 (with pressure)n
  • University of Washington — Leasing of Oceanographic equipment. Sea-Bird instruments available include:
    • CTDs — SBE 19
    • Auxiliary sensors for CTDs — oxygen sensor
    • Water Samplers  — SBE 55 ECO (6 4-liter bottles)

Note: Sea-Bird maintains the right to refuse or remove listings for any reason, and reserves the right to limit or edit descriptions to exclude advertising hyperbole, superlatives, etc.