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WQM Water Quality Monitor

Sea-Bird Scientific will soon discontinue the WQM and WQMx, but will continue providing service and support for a limited time:

  • Last Time Buy End Date: 10/23/2020
  • End of Full Service: 12/31/2021
  • End of Best Effort Service: 12/31/2022
  • Cal Only Service: Indefinite
  • Transition from Full Support to Best Effort Support: 12/31/2021

The WQM incorporates Sea-Bird Scientific's fluorometer-turbidity and CTD sensors, providing temperature, salinity, depth, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll fluorescence, turbidity and backscattering data. WQM sensors have the accuracy and precision to track subtle long-term changes in even the cleanest marine systems. By combining multiple active and passive anti-fouling features, the WQM assures this data quality in coastal and inshore regimes. Extensive field trials have demonstrated the WQM's unprecedented long-term stability in biologically rich coastal waters.
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